Jul 9, 2015

Helen Townsend, finalist

This is from a news release from New Rivers Press. Helen Townsend, an Indianapolis resident, entered her manuscript.

After much anticipation, we can now announce the finalists for this year's Many Voices Project Prize in Poetry! Congratulate any of the stellar poets you know below; they've much to celebrate. ...
Jack Coulehan--The Wound Dresser
Regina DiPerna--A Map of Veins
Deborah Fass--Where the Current Catches
Laura Orem--Resurrection Biology
Minh Pham--Chaos Bird
Carol Ratchenski--A Beautiful Hell
Erin Rodoni--Rotating Exhibit
Nathan Slinker--Western Laboratories
Nancy Takacs--The Worrier
Helen Townsend--Samadhipada
Kathleen Willard--This Incendiary Season

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