Nov 24, 2015

Poetry for a Cause

This from Stacy Savage on Facebook:

Is that's time.... time to announce the winner. I received the least amount of entries I have ever received for any of my contests. However, $58 was raised and two complete Thanksgiving meals, were bought, including milk, for two families. The meals were given to the families and they were very thankful. Tina Scott also donated a few items for the meals. Thank you, Tina! 

Below is a pic of one of the two meals that were given to the families. Also below is the winning poem, "Oh, Funny Owl" by Andrea Dietrich. The poem is funny and made me smile. Three Cheers for Andrea!
There were many great poems and two othere I just have to mention. They were really, really good. 
Those poems were "Two Months after Movng to Apartment #8" by Kelli Hayden and "Hip, Hip, Hooray!" by Kathy Chaffin Gerstorff,
Thanks to everyone who entered. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Oh, Funny Owl
by Andrea Dietrich
Oh, funny night owl; I relate
to you. I also stay up late!
My eyes, like yours, are mellow green
and staring too, but at a screen.
I stare at E-mails and TV
until I know that finally
I must retire myself to bed
and rest my weary night owl head.
I feel so rotten when I wake
I have to do a double take.
I see the clock. It's eight a.m.
I sit up grumbling, "Darn, oh, Darn."
Then brimming with new morning cheer,
I drag myself before the mirror.
And what I see upon my face
are little lines I can't erase.
Oh, funny night owl. We're not wise
with circles underneath our eyes!
And now I get to look like hell
because I love the night so well.

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  1. This poem really fills me with joy, I adore it! Thanks for sharing.