Aug 19, 2015

Mari Evans on a $10 bill?

The Indianapolis Star, in an Aug. 18 article, suggested Mari Evans as one of 15 Hoosier women whose likeness should appear on a $10 bill. The Treasury Department is considering adding a woman's face on the bill. The Star's list is just for fun, especially since it listed living and one fictional Hoosier (both no-nos per federal regulations). Here's what The Star said about Evans:

Mari Evans: Poet and playwright Mari Evans has had her picture featured on an Ugandan postage stamp. The Indianapolis resident was born in 1923 in Toledo, Ohio. She taught at IUPUI, Indiana University Bloomington, Purdue, Cornell and other schools. She was the writer, director and producer of “The Black Experience,” a TV documentary. She recently celebrated her 96th birthday.

The complete article is here:

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