Jul 22, 2015

IndyGo and poetry

The following article appeared on WFYI's website on July 21, 2015. The implication for poets and/or spoken-word artists is murky. Details are lacking on how they can participate. Note: I made the fifth paragraph bold for emphasis.

IndyGo On-Board With Art

Could a poem appear in this space?
Using public spaces to engage people in the arts is the goal of IndyGo’s new Art in Transit program.  Over the next decade IndyGo will partner with the Arts Council of Indianapolis finding and funding art pieces that connect transit and culture.
Bryan Luellen, IndyGo director of public affairs, says IndyGo wants to take advantage of its current growth with projects that will make a mark.  
"We’re building infrastructure and we want to demonstrate to the community that we want to use this infrastructure to both transport people and make an impact on the community." said Luellen.
Luellen says the program will explore alternative art projects like performance as well as traditional ones like murals.  
"It could be spoken poetry, it could be written poetry," explained Luellen, "the Arts Council has been doing a great job over the past couple years to really double down in their commitment to all types of art, not just visual art."
Earlier this month, the IndyGo board of directors approved $500,000 in transit advertising revenue for the initiative.  There are also plans to apply for local and national grant funds to support the program. 

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