Jul 29, 2015

Jenny Kander update

Jenny Kander
Some of you know that Jenny Kander was recently hospitalized, and she moved into Bell Trace Senior Living Community. At first, doctors thought she had a stroke, She was even diagnosed with Parkinson's. But both diagnoses were wrong. Jenny did report having migraines, one after another. She's doing fine now, but she's selling her three-level  condo on Winding Brook Circle.

She has sent invitations to friends to visit her at her new digs from 2:30 to 6 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 1, at 800 N. Bell Trace Circle, Apartment 203, Bloomington 47408. Drop her a line.


  1. love and blessings to you dearest Jenny! I celebrate another year and wish you a new one of ease and many many delights.I would have loved to visit you in person. Be well! Maryse

  2. I really want to reestablish contact with my old friend from South Africa.